G'day there, it's nice to meet you.

My name is Jason Lewis. I'm a web developer based in Victoria, Australia. I'd tell you where exactly but you'd probably have no idea so I'll just say "near" Melbourne. I've been developing websites since early 2006.

Posing like a fool in Darwin, Australia.

I'm not exactly like a lot of web developers out there. I'd like to think I'm pretty different. After finishing school I didn't go off and study at university and get a fancy degree. Instead I joined the Australian Defence Force as a Gun Number with the Royal Australian Artillery. I spent a year in the army as a "gap year", basically a "try before you buy" kind of deal. I really enjoyed the Army and had an amazing time and met so many awesome mates.

But I wanted to try more things! After the Army I worked in a pie factory for a little while. Yep, that's right, a pie factory. We did more then just pies though! All sorts of things were made in that factory and it supplies the majority of Australia with a lot of frozen products. Guess how many party pies were made an hour? 60,000. The factory runs 24/7 too. That's a lot of party pies.

After being at the pie factory for a while I needed another change of scenery. I went into seasonal firefighting based out of Victoria. Basically, for 6 months of the year, I work full-time with a government department that aims to help prevent and supress bushfires in the state. It's an amazing job. It can be pretty full on and it often reminds me of the Army, which is great. I've done a number of summers on crew and have recently traveled to the Northern Territory to work on the Tiwi Islands as a firefighter.

It's a lot different up north. My job as a firefighter isn't always about supressing going bushfires but also in the prevention of bushfires by doing fuel reduction burns in the lead up to winter. It's a pretty physically demanding job, but I love a challenge!

So while I've been doing all those jobs I've also been refining my skills as a web developer. I love coding in PHP and turn straight to Laravel as my framework of choice for application development. On the front-end side of things I'm skilled with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery!). I love dabbling in new technologies when I can and some day soon hope to concentrate entirely on web development.

Looking through the dial sight of an L119 back in 2009 when I was a Gunner for the Royal Australian Artillery.

Currently I'm putting a lot of effort into helping out with the Laravel community. I write about Laravel when I can and love to get technical. I've recently had articles published at Nettuts+.

If you want to get in touch then hit me up on Twitter: @jasonclewis