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Is Anyone There?

Posted by Jason Lewis in News on

Greetings to all! It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

This isn't going to be a very long article, I'd just like to quickly touch bases with everyone about what's happening. So, for those that aren't aware, much of my time is now spent working on an API package for Laravel and Lumen, it's called Dingo API. I actually had some bigger plans for the whole "Dingo" thing but haven't had the time yet. So, people have simply begun referring to the API package as "Dingo". That may change one day.

Now, I've got several other things in the works as well, but I didn't want to leave this blog sitting here becoming stagnent. So, since I'm not too far off release a beta for Dingo API, I want to start providing some lessons on how to use it. And I'm going to do that right here, on this blog.

I'm not going to say when this will start happening though. It'll be a surprise. But I want to cover everything I can. From the basic installation right through to authorization using OAuth 2.0 and scopes. Everything.

I'll keep things updated on Twitter when I post here. I do have an RSS feed should you wish to subscribe that way.